Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas cards

Here are some more Christmas cards I made...well actually this first one is Lee's birthday card, which is a Stampotique monster stamp slightly coloured with wink of stella pens. I added some inka gold in blue and also some ink through a stencil and some washi tape.

This one I used sparkle medium through a star stencil.....really love this stencil. Then I stamped snowflakes, the tiny snowman and Merry Christmas and added a little colour with promarkers on the snowman and then a little distress as well.

This one is two stamps with a touch of promarkers and some festive wash tape on the corners.

This one is a Hobby Art reindeer and the cool yule stamp (not sure which company that's from) mounted on some glitter paper and some washi tape on the top and bottom.

This one was the little robins also hobby art I think and the background was the same star stencil as above but this time with glitter embossing powder.

This one was a little leftover from the star stencil with the sparkle paste and then a robin and postbox stamp from Hobby Art with a little added snow and a craftwork cards greeting.


It's the last craft barn challenge.....this time the words are faith and harmony.....I found this quote by J M Barrie - All the world is made of faith, trust and pixie dust.

I wrote the words with paint pens and coloured in the sections around the edge also and drew a flower. I added some glitter and gilding wax also.

Edit: Inspired by the others who've created collages of all of this years challenges, here's mine....I forgot some of these were even this year!!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Well I was supposed to be making Christmas cards but I made this instead......

Sometimes I get an idea in my head and I just have to make it there and then otherwise I never will. So I've seen things in the shops that sort of look like little trees and then I saw these trees with bells on and I thought hmmm I could make something like that myself.

I got a twig out of my mom and dad's garden and painted it with viva decor and glitter paint basically just smearing it on with my fingers getting messy hehe!! I did try and invent a base but it wouldn't stand up so I had a rethink and went with a plant pot and pebbles instead.

So I knew if I left it I might not finish it, so there's me scrabbling around in the dark looking for plant pots and pebbles in the back garden.

 I also knew I had some gold pebbles somewhere and eventually I found them to use on the top of the pot. I hung mini disco balls and mini bells off the tree and finally wrapped some ribbon around the pot and voila!!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Here are some more Christmas cards....

Those are hobby art stamps, with a little added promarker and glitter

 This is a splodge away stencil using grunge paste dyed red and some sprays and ink in the background
 These are hobby art stamps again with a craftwork cards greeting and some fake snow
 Hobby art stamps again on this one and some fake snow and a craftwork cards greeting
 This one is sparkle medium through a tim holtz stencil and some distress spray stains in the background and the toppers are craftwork cards with a little added molotow pen


Helloo! The latest Craft Barn words are heart or risk......I found another Edward Lear rhyme that contains heart.

I used Paper Artsy fresco paints in the background and some texture paste and I used texture tools and a few micro bears to create some lines and scratches etc. I used some blue inka gold around the edge. I stamped on the cow and coloured in its horns and boots - my cow wasn't a horrible cow so this must have been after it's heart was softened hehe!! I wrote on the rhyme in a posca pen and then outlined the letters with a fineliner.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Friday, 28 November 2014


Not sure whether these greenfinches were fighting or flirting hehehe!!

Here is the video:

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Christmas card

Here's one more Christmas card I've finished. It's a Hobby Art reindeer stamp stamped using wow glitter embossing powder in red which I then coloured in with Promarkers and I added some glitter around his feet for snow. The greeting is also a Hobby Art stamp - stamped with red archival ink. I mounted it on some glitter paper before attaching it to the card.


At last.....I've been wanting to sneak a Batman quote into this challenge and finally I've done it....the words this time for the Craft Barn challenge were friendship or journey. I found this quote from the 1960s Batman and even better it's one of Robins holy.....

It is Holy Journey to the Centre of the Earth

I used a big and juicy ink pad in the background and then I mod podged on the picture of Batman and Robin with glossy mod podge. Then I sprayed on the some gold colour bloom spray and I wrote the quote on with a white Posca pen and once it had dried I added some purple rub on paint around the edge of the picture.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Birds on feeder

It was busy on the bird feeders yesterday - here are some stills and also a video as well.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Christmas cards

Here are a couple of Christmas cards I've made....

I got this gingerbread house stencil last week and tested it out.....actually worked even better than I thought.....really love the effect. Basically you get two slightly different stencils that you use one and then the other with different colours to get this effect. It's made by That Special Touch. I used distress ink through the stencil is evergreen bough and festive berries. Then I just added a stamped greeting and mounted it on some patterned paper.

This one used a splodge away snowflake stencil with some clear texture paste and then I used silver distress spray stain plus some distress ink.....that must be evergreen bough as well I think and also some gold gilding wax. Plus a stamped greeting at the bottom (from Hobby Art). The paper in the background is patterned as well but you can't quite see in the photo.


It's Craft Barn time again and the words this time are moon or sensation. It was much more easy to find a quote this time.....hurrah! I chose a limerick by Edward Lear.

As usual half the background was already there from excess ink off the previous page and so I added some distress spray stain in peacock feathers to fill in the gaps. Then I used the moon from a Splodge away stenskape which I coloured gold with Viva Decor inka gold and precious metals. Then I used splodge away trees with blue inka gold at the bottom. Then I drew a man in a balloon with a black posca pen and coloured it with metallic molotow pens. Then I wrote on the quote with a silver molotow pen and finally I added some teal and midnight create expressions gilding wax around the edge.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Blue tit mouse and robin

Here's a video of a Robin and a Blue tit on the feeder whilst a mouse goes up and down the bamboo in the background!

Here's a still also...

Saturday, 25 October 2014


The words this time for the Craft Barn challenge are hug or nowhere. It turns out nowhere is not a very common word, couldn't find it in any of my poems books, didn't really want to use hug either; so had a bit more of a think and thought maybe I could do something Halloween themed - and I found this quote from the movie Halloween, when Laurie is talking to Tommy about the boogeyman. It gave me an excuse to use my Halloween masks as well.

So I stuck down the four masks and sprayed over orange and purple Dylusions and some water and then I wrote on the quote with a purple pen and then added some wink of stella to the word Halloween and the I put some distress ink around the edge and finally added orange and purple glitter.

Sunday, 12 October 2014


Here is a card I made....

An 80 cut on the cricut from patterned paper, inked round the edge. Some more patterned paper in the background. I stamped on the Happy Birthday and added some gems. I also added some ink and gilding wax round the edge.


Hello. Craft Barn time again - words this time are destiny or gift, I couldn't find anything fun so I went with this Shakespeare quote.

I used distress ink mostly in the background, some stuff was already left on the page from the previous page as well. Then I drew on some stars and the words using a posca pen, a wink of stella pen and a molotow pen.

Saturday, 27 September 2014



This time the Craft Barn words are patience or better. I found this funny rhyme about sneezes in a book of nursery rhymes that contains the word better.

Sneeze on Monday, sneeze for danger;
Sneeze on Tuesday, kiss a stranger;
Sneeze on Wednesday, receive a letter;
Sneeze on Thursday, something better;
Sneeze on Friday, expect sorrow;
Sneeze on Saturday, joy to-morrow.

I created the background with Dylusions, tar gel, texture paste, sparkle medium some through stencils, also various paints and also some distress inks. Then I randomly wrote on the rhyme with a Molotow pen.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Happy 70th Birthday Mom!!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Hope you have a lovely day :)

Here are all the crafty things I got up to for my mom's birthday.

Firstly I decorated an album

It comes already pink with the edges already shaped I just added decorations, photos, ink, paints, stamping etc etc. I also used quite a few mediums with stencils etc. to get different effects, I tied it all together with ribbons.

 Next I decorated this cake shaped box - the lid comes off so I could put some presents inside. I painted it with gesso and then sprayed on Dylusions in hindsight the gesso was probably a bad idea as the Dylusions rub off quite a bit but I got there in the end with a little distress as well. I then cut out some butterflies on the cricut and stuck them on as well as some butterfly stickers I had. I used a silver pen to go round the bottom of each layer and then I added spots of glitter all over.
Then there's the card.....which is texture paste over a splodgeaway owl stencil and then covered with distress inks. Then I cut a 70 out of coloured paper on the cricut and stuck it on.

Then I made a cake - it's a coffee cake with coffee flavoured butter cream on the inside. Then I iced it and decorated with butterflies and a 70 and some shimmer powder.

Saturday, 20 September 2014


Well only just managed to get this one done in time. The words for this Craft Barn challenge were easier or childhood.....I spent ages looking for a quote to inspire me but couldn't come up with anything so in the end just went with the obvious Easier said than done.

I ended up doing it a bit backwards because I drew the letters whilst on holiday but I didn't have any inks or paints to do the background with, so had to leave that for when I got home. The letters are metallic Molotow pens and then the background is just a hodge podge of Dylusions and distress inks, and a little zentangley type stuff on the side - I would have done some more Zentangle but I didn't have time.

Saturday, 30 August 2014


Lee has fixed the raspberry Pi cam - although the colours are weird it's high def so it's pretty good quality pics - see snapshot above and also video clip below of a Greenfinch. Notice how he (or she!) peels off the outer layer of the sunflower seed and then eats the middle.....let's just hope the camera carries on working :)

Roald Dahl

Well I went to Hobbycraft last week and picked up some new goodies.....a pack of metallic Molotow paint pens......I don't think I can ever own enough pens; a pack of calligraphy pens to experiment with lettering and all the Roald Dahl stuff (from Do Crafts) was half price, so I got a paper pack which is ace. Already I want them to release some more stuff with different characters on - Magic Finger, Twits, Georges Marvellous Medicine, Matilda, Witches - if anyone's listening hehe!!!

Anyway here are the cards I've made so far....mostly just with the addition of a little distress ink or paint/glitter pens.