Saturday, 28 December 2013

More cards...

Here are some more cards I have made recently...

This one is a fresco paint background, some washi tape and changito monkey stamp

This one is some washi tape, a crown stamp, a craftwork cards greeting and a spray of Dylusions
 This one was for my sister whose birthday it is today....everybody say Happy Birthday Jemima!! I had a splodgeaway stenscape and it it totally ace....I made a background with spiced marmalade and scattered straw distress inks and then I just used black soot like mr splodgeaway does in the videos it turned out pretty well I did get a few smudges but not too bad for someone whose normally very messy.
 Finally here are some new stamps I had Paper Artsy JOFY - birdies......I stamped them on some Dylusioned paper and cut them out and I stamped the bird house on the c'oredinations and cut that out and sanded it. Then I found some patterned paper tore that out stuck it down edged it with Peacock feathers distress ink and then stamped on the tree in walnut stain added some glitter and finally the greeting in black archival.

Final alpha challenge....

Phew the alpha challenge is complete - here's the link to the Craft Barn

The final two letters were X and I.....

Now there were about 6 words beginning with X, one of them being the letter X itself so not much choice so in the end I went with Xylophone. There was already a some ink on the page from Y on the next page so I also added some blue paint. I cut out rectangles and glued them down and then made a beater from a pipe cleaner and some card. I stamped a few music notes as well.

 Then for I, I chose a word I found reading the dictionary and that is Ichthyology the scientific study of fish - picture has a little too much reflection in it but the background is distress stain in blue and some silver round the edge and then I stamped some fish on some paper I had already inked and then cut them out and stuck them down and drew on some lines and measurements etc.
 Finally I finished off the front cover by painting it with gesso, then I made use of a few things I had for Christmas one was the cricut mini so I cut out some letters for A2Z and inked over them and I used some gilding wax around the edge, also some distress stain and then I painted the whole thing with gold shimmer mod podge and sprinkled on some glitter before it dried.

Wow and that's the whole year done!!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas


Well I've finished the Christmas village just in time for Christmas, I love it......all lit up!! Best bit was sprinkling on the snow and glitter.....

 And here is this year's Christmas cake......I went a bit multicoloured this year hehe :)

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Apricot Loaf cake

Here is an Apricot loaf cake I made.....I has some when we were out and about and thought it was really nice so I found a recipe and had a was lovely if I do say so myself.....apricot flavoured icing as well!

The Class of 2013

Here are the remaining Christmas cards I've made from this also a card I made for a Christening as well....

Happy Birthday Lee!

Well here is the annual unveiling of Lee's birthday cake hehe!!

This year Lee wanted a Bus Pirate for his birthday......what's a Bus Pirate you say?! Well don't ask because I don't know either.....:) Anyhoo based on this theme I decided to make Pirate Bus for the cake and here is the result.

The cake underneath was supposed to be red velvet although it's not really red at all I think I needed gel food colouring but anyway it's basically chocolate cake and chocolate butter cream, and I've not really done too much cake constructing like this and so I was pretty pleased to build up four layers with a little bit of tweaking here and there and then I covered it all with chocolate butter cream.

Then I covered it with the red icing which I was pleased to get done I was expecting to get in a massive mess....the corners are a bit messy but it mostly worked OK. I'd already cut out a little space for the wheels to go as well -so I added some icing wheels and windows and I used a cutter for the skull and crossbones. I made some chocolate coins although they set a bit weird but I'm sure they'll taste fine, and then the other little chocolates I bought already made.Finally I had candles and flags from the pirate party we had a few years ago. Hope it tastes yummy!

Monday, 9 December 2013

Bird Cam

It was busy over on Bird cam are a few clips. The Great tit is still roosting in the bird house every night as well.....