Saturday, 28 December 2013

Final alpha challenge....

Phew the alpha challenge is complete - here's the link to the Craft Barn

The final two letters were X and I.....

Now there were about 6 words beginning with X, one of them being the letter X itself so not much choice so in the end I went with Xylophone. There was already a some ink on the page from Y on the next page so I also added some blue paint. I cut out rectangles and glued them down and then made a beater from a pipe cleaner and some card. I stamped a few music notes as well.

 Then for I, I chose a word I found reading the dictionary and that is Ichthyology the scientific study of fish - picture has a little too much reflection in it but the background is distress stain in blue and some silver round the edge and then I stamped some fish on some paper I had already inked and then cut them out and stuck them down and drew on some lines and measurements etc.
 Finally I finished off the front cover by painting it with gesso, then I made use of a few things I had for Christmas one was the cricut mini so I cut out some letters for A2Z and inked over them and I used some gilding wax around the edge, also some distress stain and then I painted the whole thing with gold shimmer mod podge and sprinkled on some glitter before it dried.

Wow and that's the whole year done!!


  1. Well done on finishing your book - love the fishes on the I page. Happy New Year!

  2. Cool take on the last pages and cover. I especially like the look of the green fish on the wathery background.

  3. The xylophone page is simple but affective, the fishes are so realistic, it seems like I'm looking in a pond.

  4. Fantastic!! you did amazing.
    Thank you for completing the challenge and Happy New Year

  5. Cool pages and well done for completing the challenge. Congrats for being one of the wall of famers.

  6. Visiting from the Craft Barn - I really like your xylophone, it reminds me of the wee coloured ones we got for the kids years ago. Plink, plonk, tiddly plonk, lol. Hope to see you in the next challenge :o)