Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Happy 70th Birthday Mom!!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Hope you have a lovely day :)

Here are all the crafty things I got up to for my mom's birthday.

Firstly I decorated an album

It comes already pink with the edges already shaped I just added decorations, photos, ink, paints, stamping etc etc. I also used quite a few mediums with stencils etc. to get different effects, I tied it all together with ribbons.

 Next I decorated this cake shaped box - the lid comes off so I could put some presents inside. I painted it with gesso and then sprayed on Dylusions in hindsight the gesso was probably a bad idea as the Dylusions rub off quite a bit but I got there in the end with a little distress as well. I then cut out some butterflies on the cricut and stuck them on as well as some butterfly stickers I had. I used a silver pen to go round the bottom of each layer and then I added spots of glitter all over.
Then there's the card.....which is texture paste over a splodgeaway owl stencil and then covered with distress inks. Then I cut a 70 out of coloured paper on the cricut and stuck it on.

Then I made a cake - it's a coffee cake with coffee flavoured butter cream on the inside. Then I iced it and decorated with butterflies and a 70 and some shimmer powder.

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