Saturday, 2 August 2014

Cards and things


I've been busy in the craft room are some cards I've made, actually made these first two a week before....

JOfy stamps from Paper Artsy here on a background made from luminarte primary elements, reeves pearlescent medium and a couple of paints, fastened down with washi tape. A little tweet tweet stamp at the top and couple of craftwork cards flowers dyed a little pink, with a couple of pearls and a greeting.

This one is a distress ink background and then I used flitter glue and gilding flakes and some more Jofy stamps a little more distress ink and some clear wotsit (i forget the name) to make the bubbles. Oh and craftwork cards greeting.
I've also been working today on a secret squirrel project, here's a sneak peak......all will be revealed later in the year. Although I just received a set of golden mediums and I have been testing those out to great success :) Photos went a bit blurry but that all adds to the mystery hehehehehe!!!

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